Swift ASCII Art Generator

Converts an image to text for no good reason. The code is pretty cool, though. It’s pure functional Swifty goodness. https://ijoshsmith.com/2015/04/29/creating-ascii-art-in-functional-swift/ https://github.com/ijoshsmith/swift-ascii-art

Raspberry Pi, Untethered

CutiePi is a Raspberry Pi 4 tablet that turns your project into an untethered adventure. Build and create wherever an idea strikes you. No wires, no external power,…

NAP 0.5.0

P 0.5.0, free realtime visual tool, adds GPU computation, Web, RasPi support, new look

A portable computer with CRT

The Joopyter Personal Terminal is a 3D printed portable computer that includes everything you need for life in the retro-futuristic fast lane: a mechanical keyboard, a thermal printer,…

Une cartographie 3D du sol et du sursol de la France

Dans le cadre du programme national LIDAR HD, l’IGN produit et diffuse une cartographie 3D de l’intégralité du sol et du sursol de la France en données LIDAR….

MRI of the Earth

Machine learning data-art on the web. Together with Refik Anadol and Google Arts & Culture, we narrate the global climate crisis, analysing its roots, and taking a snapshot…


https://shanteacontrols.com/ https://github.com/shanteacontrols/OpenDeck


If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife. Pandoc can convert between the following formats: (← = conversion from;…

Le langage de programmation C a 50 ans

Le langage de programmation C a 50 ans et reste l’un des langes les plus plébiscités. « C’est absolument stupéfiant de voir à quel point les gens des…

Minitel 2 (NAME)


Instant Neural Graphics Primitives with a Multiresolution Hash Encoding


VJ Travel Kit: What’s in your bag?

Must haves, lifesavers, and everything in between. What’s in your VJ road kit? Chime in and comment below.

The model-viewer project


Severance Prop Terminals

I just binged the first seven episodes of sci-fi thriller Severance, and I’m totally hooked. In it, the chillingly spare-yet-stylish mid-century set and prop designs help set the…



3D Machine Learning

In recent years, tremendous amount of progress is being made in the field of 3D Machine Learning, which is an interdisciplinary field that fuses computer vision, computer graphics…

Announcing Flutter for Windows

Build high-quality Windows apps that also run on mobile and web https://bdlukaa.github.io/fluent_ui/ https://developers.googleblog.com/2022/02/announcing-flutter-for-windows.html

Obtenir un environnement de développement Windows 11

Commencez à créer des applications Windows rapidement à l’aide d’une machine virtuelle avec les dernières versions de Windows, les outils de développement, les Kits de développement logiciel (SDK)…

Hypercard Simulator



La marketplace pour les services d’impression 3D Faites des économies en comparant les prix en temps réel de services d’impression 3D du monde entier. Passez votre commande, nous…